The Picture of Dorian Gray

Lowell Liebermann

November 18, 2016 at 8:00pm
NEC’s Jordan Hall

The Picture of Dorian Gray

By Lowell Liebermann

Based on the novel by Oscar Wilde

A semi-staged opera in collaboration with the Boston Modern Orchestra Project

Sung in English

Wilde Opera Nights season sponsored by Randolph J. Fuller


A handsome, naïve young man is offered perpetual youth and immunity to life’s cruelty, for a price…

Join us in a shadowy world of debauchery and deals with the devil as the Boston Modern Orchestra Project and Odyssey Opera team up for a semi-staged production of Lowell Liebermann’s opera The Picture of Dorian Gray. Based on Oscar Wilde’s immortal novel of the same name, this performance marks the first installment of Odyssey Opera’s 2016-17 season of “Wilde opera nights,” channeling the dynamic work and world of the famous Irish author, playwright, and wit.

Liebermann’s taut and evocative score provides the perfect setting for a venture into the dark corners of the human psyche. The virtuosic musicians of BMOP and a host of top-notch singers provide the action.

“You will always be fond of me. I represent to you all the sins you have never had the courage to commit.”

– Lord Henry to Dorian in The Picture of Dorian Gray

Cast and Creative

Gil RoseGil Rose

Jon Jurgens Jon Jurgens
Dorian Gray

Matthew Curran Matthew Curran
Basil Hallward

Thomas Meglioranza Thomas Meglioranza
Lord Henry Wotton

Deborah Selig Deborah Selig
Sibyl Vane

David Kravitz David Kravitz
James Vane

Claudia Waite Claudia Waite
Frank Kelley Frank Kelley
Lord Geoffrey
Jeremy Ayres Fisher Jeremy Ayres Fisher


I first read Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray when I was about thirteen years old. The book made an impression on me as no other book had yet done—I was haunted by it, by the richness of its characters and story, the poetry of its language, the fragrance of decadence that clung to its pages, and by its vision of art and aestheticism as ends unto themselves. I had by that time decided upon a career as a composer and was determined to one day turn the novel into an opera.

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