Fantastic Mr. Fox

Tobias Picker

December 7, 2014 at 3pm
NEC’s Jordan Hall


By Tobias Picker

Libretto by Donald Sturrock based on the classic story by Roald Dahl

A concert performance conducted by Gil Rose co-produced with Boston Modern Orchestra Project


An enchanting modern fable, Fantastic Mr. Fox pits good vs. evil, animal vs. human, nature vs. technology. Mr. Fox will stop at nothing to keep his family safe. But after he has stolen one hen too many, the meanest farmers anywhere conspire to rid themselves of the Foxes. With the help of woodland friends they evade capture, leaving their enemies lying in wait as they help themselves to the farmers’ crops. Having had revenge, the animals return for a sumptuous feast far from danger in the Foxes’ new home, while the frustrated farmers continue to wait in the rain.

“Sunday’s performance sparkled under Gil Rose’s baton.”

–The Boston Globe

Cast and Creative

John BrancyJohn Brancy
Mr. Fox

Krista RiverKrista River
Mrs. Fox

Andrew Craig BrownAndrew Craig Brown
Farmer Boggis

Edwin VegaEdwin Vega
Farmer Bunce

Gabriel PreisserGabriel Preisser
Farmer Bean

Elizabeth FutralElizabeth Futral
Miss Hedgehog

Tynan DavisTynan Davis
Rita the Rat

Theo LebowTheo Lebow
Mr. Porcupine

Andrey NemzerAndrey Nemzer
Agnes the Digger

Gail Novak MositesGail Novak Mosites
Mavis the Tractor

John DooleyJohn Dooley

Jonathan BlalockJonathan Blalock

Boston Children's ChorusBoston Children’s Chorus
Anthony Trecek-King, Artistic Director

Gil RoseGil Rose Conductor


Photos and video by Kathy Wittman / Ball Square Films.