Reviews for Patience

“An enthusiastic packed house made it clear they were enjoying every minute of it.”

Let the merry cymbals sound! Patience charms at Odyssey Opera
EDGE Media Network • June 6, 2017

“It seems unfair to single out anyone in the cast of “Patience” as the singing was uniformly superb.”

Patience/Odyssey Opera
EDGE Media Network • June 5, 2017

“Through the grace of the actors and the clever costuming by Amanda Mujica, the show is somehow as celebratory as it is sardonic.”

Odyssey Opera’s “Patience” is Pitch Perfect
The New England Theatre Geek • June 5, 2017

“Enough good things cannot be said about the cast, choreography, costumes, or orchestra that came together to make the satire on Victorian aesthetics and poetic pretensions so uproariously funny. There were enough hams onstage to stock every deli in the city of Boston.”

Odyssey Opera ends season with a swoon-worthy ‘Patience’
The Boston Globe • June 5, 2017

“simply a triumph”

Patience Charms and Delights
The Boston Musical Intelligencer • June 3, 2017

“magnificent choral singing throughout”

Odyssey Opera’s “Patience”: Hey Willow Waly O
South Shore Critic • June 3, 2017

Photo by Ball Square Films.

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