Soprano Katy Lindhart on Mozart, fearless women, and singing opera

By April 20, 2016Interviews, Notes from Rome

We interviewed our Lucio Silla singers about their experiences with Mozart, relationships with their characters and what it’s really like being an opera star…read what soprano Katy Lindhart (Giunia) has to say below!

Soprano Katy Lindhart

Soprano Katy Lindhart


What aspect(s) of your character can you relate to?

One of the best things about singing Mozart is how he (and his librettists) create these strong, complicated women, and Giunia is no different. She is a proud, fearless, loyal woman with a big heart and passion for justice. So much of her motivation comes from her loyalty to her family and to Cecelio, and her fierce loyalty to them, even if it means her death, resonates with me. My relationships aren’t as high stakes as Giunia’s, but if you mess with my loved ones, you’ll see her come out.

Why should audience members see this opera?

If you think you know what Mozart opera sounds like, this piece will open your eyes. It is nuts (in a good way)! Every role requires insanely virtuosic singing. The heightened drama of opera seria allowed Mozart to really go all out, musically. Audiences will hear some of his most exciting music, and because this piece is under-performed they may not have the opportunity to hear it again.

What’s unique about singing Mozart?

For me, Mozart is a balancing act. In Mozart you’re always exposed, vocally…. there is nowhere for you to hide, so your tone has to be extremely clear. It’s a very elegant way of singing. Keeping that balanced with your instincts as an actor in an emotional scene is always a challenge, but once you speak his musical language, it becomes clear. He gives you everything you need in his music.

If you could ask your character any one question, what would you ask them and why?

My biggest question is a major plot spoiler… so instead I’ll ask why she she sings high Ds when she’s upset.

If you could meet one of the characters in Lucio Silla, who would you meet and why?

Cinna is my favorite character. Though they’re not always great in real life, morally ambiguous people make wonderful, interesting characters.

What’s your favorite part of the opera rehearsal process?

The Sitzprobe is always such a magical rehearsal for me. It’s the one rehearsal where we get to sit back and really focus 100% on making music with each other. You’re often in the performance space for the first time, and hearing the orchestra play your music for the first time is a truly an amazing experience. The show puzzle is completed, and you realize that you’ve made something.

Any words of wisdom for young opera singers?

Don’t waste time trying to sound like someone else or look like someone else or to take the same path as someone else. In the beginning you might be categorized, but don’t let that diminish who you are. Own what you sing well and find what speaks to you. Everyone’s different, thank God, so remember to sing with your own voice and to make your own journey.

Want to know more about Katy? Check out her website.

Buy tickets to see Katy in Mozart’s Lucio Silla June 8th, 10th, or 12th at the Boston University Theatre on Huntington Avenue.


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