Our ticketing team

We have a new ticketing platform! You may have noticed we’re selling tickets to Ezio and Lucio Silla directly through our website (a first in our three years). We decided to set up our own system using the software Flipcause because we want to avoid ticketing costs – service fees, restoration fees, box office fees, etc. With Flipcause, the ticket price is all you pay…and it’s a savings of at least $6 per ticket.

We also have a new box office manager—Chuck! Chuck is manning the phone 10-2 Monday through Friday and answering emails at tickets@archive.odysseyopera.org. If our online system isn’t working for you, or you have questions about the operas or logistics, give him a call at 617.826.1626.

If you’ve got a question about our ticketing system or an idea about how we could improve it, let us know below.

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