The Journey of The Fisherman and His Wife – 11/17/15

We have the complete restored film now, so perhaps we will have some answers soon.  I have started watching it and WOW!  So 70s, and super engaging.  The musical language is darker than I expect for a children’s opera, but the more I listen, the more intrigued I am.  It suits the story, and is beautifully crafted, full of colorful orchestral surprises.  The Wife is the flawed character – dissatisfied, always dreaming about something she doesn’t have, gets carried away.  John Updike added a character – The Cat.  A creature who comments on her masters’ actions with plaintive ‘meows’.  She becomes a Cardinal in the scene with Wife as Pope, waiting on her mistress J.  Together with the Magic Fish, these non-human characters observe and comment on human nature, the irony of our quest for more, More, MORE.

The Cat seems perplexed by the fact that the Fish can talk – funny – so can she!  Early on they have a wonderful little exchange. Enjoy!



Video courtesy of of the Sarah Caldwell Collection, Howard Gotlieb Archival Research Center at Boston University.  Group Westinghouse Broadcasting – Thomas J. Knott, Producer/Director

Post by Linda Osborn, Artistic Administrator for Odyssey Opera of Boston.

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