The Journey of The Fisherman and His Wife – 11/10/15

f_daText in the taped section is fantastic – some snippets:


“Look what you wished with you wish!  All you can want is here.”

“And out of doors there are entire flocks of peacocks!”

“And twenty-two tigers to catch rats in your stables!”

“And a flower garden where every tulip has a private nursemaid to sing it to sleep!”


All this to be played against “jazz choruses”.


So if there a tape was created, where is it??  Or was the idea abandoned?  If so, too bad, it seems very interesting.


Parts have arrived.  Hand written, but clean and legible.  Thank goodness!  Can’t say the same about the conductor’s score.   Good luck Gil!  But no tapes.  UGH.  Where are they???


Post by Linda Osborn, Artistic Administrator for Odyssey Opera of Boston.

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