Dana Burešová on the heartache in Dimitrij

By September 8, 2016Dimitrij, Interviews

We interviewed our Dimitrij singers about singing Dvořák, what it’s really like being an opera star and why you should come see Dimitrij…read what Dana Buresova (Marina) has to say below!

Dana Burešová

Dana Burešová

What aspect(s) of your character can you relate to?

Marina is a young, very confident woman who realizes her love for Dimitrij at the moment when she loses him. And what we have in common? I give her my voice and emotions, but my attitude towards life is different.

Why should people see this opera?

Still Dvorak, although different. There is plenty of Rusalka’s interpretations, but to hear Dimitrij is a lucky occasion. It’s a beautiful opera full of charismatic twists and musically very interesting. Harmonic changes keep you in constant tension and melodic phrases can overpower you and remain in the mind for a long time after the performance.

What’s unique about singing Dvořák?

Dvorak’s music is very emotional and literally pulls you into the story. I really like to sing Dvořák, but I am not able to define exactly in what is his magic. In my repertoire I have Rusalka, Jakobín and also song and oratorio repertoire.

If you could ask your character one question, what would you ask them and why?

Marina uses her beauty, self-confidence, manipulation and because the things are not as she wanted, she commits treason and betrays her beloved. Regret and loneliness is what remains to her. I wonder if she realized that everything she was doing mainly hurts herself.

If you could meet one of the characters in Dimitrij, who would you meet and why?

I would like to meet Marfa. I am very touched by her destiny.

What’s your favorite part of the opera rehearsal process?

My favorite part is the very beginning. Searching the relationships between the characters and watching the story along with music.

Any words of wisdom for young opera singers?

Humbleness, patience, tolerance… Serve the music and the audience… There are many councils, but everyone must find the journey for themselves.

Want to learn more about Dana? Visit her website.

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