Is Odyssey Opera looking different lately? This Tuesday we launched our new visual identity, created for us by the wonderful graphics department at Artists for Humanity. We’re very happy to have some new colors and fonts to talk about opera in.

Artists for Humanity is a non-profit organization that employees under-resourced teens to explore their talents and career possibilities through art and design. Teens work as teams with mentors to create professional graphics. AFH is an organization overflowing with creativity and collaboration, which is clear both in the way they work and the quality of the work they produce. And how GREAT is it that local teens can have input in how an opera company looks?!!

I’d never worked on a branding project before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But seeing our mission statement and identity visualized has been empowering. AFH was incredibly careful to fully understand us before they began designing—we answered questions about the type of opera we do, they listened to opera as part of the design process. And, in my opinion, the stunning red and gray results capture our bold, exploratory spirit.

We will continue to work with AFH on graphics for our productions. If you’re curious about our new look, take a stroll around our website and see what changes you can spot. And keep your eyes peeled for different ways in which we’ll be using our logo as we get closer to announcing our next operas!

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  • It’s been great to partner with Odyssey Opera on this journey to a new look! As someone who observed our graphic design’s studio deep dive from a few seats down the aisle, I was taken by the level of engagement, curiosity, and insight our teens displayed as they very carefully explored a space that quite candidly, was new terrain for most. Claudia, our Design Director, thoroughly led them through their paces, and it seemed like quite a joyful process! We hope our work creates a fresh perspective from which Odyssey can communicate with their audience. Looking forward to more collaboration!